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Going Green!

Online homework handouts! ​Prep packets and Finishing school (4 wk) are now uploaded and password protected on the website. Week one, you need only hand out the release forms.

Instruct your students to go to the website and select the drop down menu under "Class Schedules." At the bottom of that list they will find the link to "Homework".

Then they will select their class name, and enter the following password.

Password for the Prep homework packets is prep2014

Password for Finishing School homework is finishing2014

We can do this for all of the advanced classes that have handouts. I just need a current copy of your homework in pdf format. Any time you update your homework packet, just send me a new one. Easy peasy!

We will save a lot of money on time, printing and paper! No more left behind papers in the parking lot or under their chairs.

- Carol

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