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The best way to contact

us is via email:


Visit the class schedule,

choose your class and 

Register online!

To talk to a "real person"
call Carol  509-328-6959

(Note: This is our home number - please call only between 10 & 4 - email is the best way to reach us)


Diamonds in the Ruff
3400 N. Monroe
Spokane, WA 99205
(Unless you have specifically registered for the Prairie Dog location, your class will be held at the North Monroe location.)

Diamonds in the Ruff is located at the foot of the North Monroe Street hill on the West side at Cora and Monroe.

From I-90, take the Lincoln St. exit, north through Downtown - keep left at the library, turn right and cross the Monroe St. Bridge heading north. Continue north 2 miles.  Get in the left turn lane when you see Skipper's on your right. Turn left on Cora.  You have arrived! 


Parking:  Large vehicles should park on Cora.  Compact cars may park in parking lot at the rear of the building.  (It's a little tight getting in and out.)  There is also parking in the gravel out front as well.  The street in front of DITR (Courtland) is a NO PARKING zone.  (The signs that say so are above the curve, so you don't see them when you turn from Cora.)


If you have a question or concern, please email rather than call.  We teach until 9PM and then eat dinner, so emails often get answered after you are probably in bed, when it is too late to call.

Classes at Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile
are held on limited days - 5608 S. Regal, just North of 57th on the West side of the street.  (Prairie Dog is not able to accept class payments.)

Note to veterinarians:  We don't have FAX capabilities, but if you would like to email a vet permission slip to us for your clients, please snap a pic and scan and email it to us. 
Download the form here!

Coming from the South:  You will cross lights at Boone (REI on your left & the Arena to the right), Indiana (McDonald's).  We are 12 blocks north of Montgomery on the left side of the street as you head north, at Cora Avenue.  (2 blks past Zip's, get in the left turn lane at Skipper's). If you start up the winding hill going up to Garland, you have gone too far!

Coming from the North: after you cross the light at Garland, you will go down the winding hill.  At the bottom of the hill, look right.  You will see our teal and white awning.  Turn right at Cora and you have arrived.


  • The potty area is at the back of the building.

  • Please pick up after your dogs!  There is a trash bin for placing solid waste.

  • Please bring a baggie or two for clean-up - ask if you need one!


Leave no poop behind! 
Please clean up after your dogs and please do not allow them to use the building or fences as a pee post! 

You may visit Emerson Park just west of our building.  PLEASE be extra careful about cleaning up after your dog in the park and be mindful of the neighbor dogs so as to avoid upsetting them. Please be good neighbors and be considerate of other park patrons.


Make sure your dog is on leash and you have a good hold on the leash when you get out of your car!  Don't allow your dog to rush up and greet other dogs.  No matter how friendly your dog is, others may not be and many may be frightened or offended by an 'in-your' face' greeting and could react defensively.   As a general rule, keep at least 10 feet between your dog and other dogs.


You are your dog's advocate at all times - if he's uncomfortable, be sure to give him the space he needs to feel safe.


If there is a class in the studio before yours, please wait in your car until the previous students have been released.  If your dog is worried about close proximity to other dogs, be sure to ask your instructor about how to enter and where to sit to set your dog up for success.

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