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Specialty Classes - $215 per session

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Additional advanced class descriptions here!

(Pre-requisite: clicker savvy - has completed Prep class)

Specialty Classes:
Pet Therapy Skills

Agility for Fun

Tails & Trails

Holiday Manners

Cooperative Care

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Please note: registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis.  This page is updated by hand, the old-fashioned way, so the "spots left" may not be current.

If the class you want is full, please register for next month and ask to be put on the waiting list in case of cancellations.

Dogs with aggression  toward people or other dogs are not appropriate for these classes.

Pet Therapy
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Allison Miller, Pet Partners Evaluator
Hayley Jewell, Pet Partner & Vicki Barke


Friday Orientation, 6:00-7:30PM - no dogs, people-only

JAN 5 - in session

MAY 31 - 4 spots left

OCT 4 - 6 spots left

Saturday Classes 2-5, 9:00-10:30AM - with dogs:

JAN 6-27 - in session

JUNE  1-29 (skip 8)- 4 spots left

OCT 5-26 - 6 spots left



We do keep a waiting list!
Email to get on our future lists!



5 weeks / $215
Not available as part of a discount pkg
or Honorary Ruffian discount

Class Description

A therapy dog is a pet trained with its owner to provide comfort, happiness, and stress relief to others in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and psychiatric facilities.  Therapy animals may also be used as motivators to achieve mobility or cognitive goals.   

(PLEASE NOTE:  A pet therapy dog is not a service or emotional support dog.  This class is not designed to help you with the goal of training your dog as a service dog or emotional support animal.)



Dogs 1 year or older

Must have passed CGC evaluation to attend.


Contact Allison Miller, Pet Partners evaluator

for CGC and/or Pet Therapy Skills classes

CGC class ONLY  -   $175

Pet Therapy Skills class ONLY -   $215


CGC AND Pet Therapy Skills -  $390

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Hi Allison!

I really wish to thank you for all the time and energy you put into the therapy dog class at Diamonds this past June! There were so many times during the exam today that I leaned into your training.  Gracie and I are very much looking forward to volunteering with Pet Partners.  

Scooter mentioned there was a very special Gracie the Golden Retriever who volunteered at Sacred Heart.  It sounds like we have some big paws to fill !

Take Care and thank you again.  

Your classes made the difference!

Suzanne Scheidt & Gracie

Holiday Manners


Held once-per-year in Oct/Nov.
6 weeks - $215 - not eligible for Honorary Ruffian discount



It's Paw-ty Time!

Get your dog's manners ready for visitors and holiday fun!


One of our most popular and fun classes. Learn good manners for the holidays, starting with Halloween: door control, manners with trick-or-treaters, and resisting holiday temptations around the table and the tree. 

Open to Prep grads and higher.

Please note: Dogs with problems of aggression are not suited for this class.


Please note: You may mail or drop off check or cash to 3400 N. Monroe or pay via Paypal below:

Specialty Classes!                 $215
Class sessions that are longer than the average 4 week length or require additional overhead.

Note: Honorary Ruffian rate does not apply.  These classes are not eligible as part of a multi-class discount package.
(Holiday Manners / Pet Therapy  / Agility)

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Other amounts not listed above 
(enter amount)

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Tails & Trails - Hiking/Snowshoeing!​

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Want your furry friend to join in the fun?  This is the class for you! Learn how to include your dog in your hiking adventures. Tails & Trails class will focus on helping you teach your dog the behaviors that are important to have on the trail so that everybody stays safe. We will work on stays, recalls, and tips to work toward hiking with your dog off leash.


LOCATION: Hikes will begin at various trail heads around the area. Directions will be emailed weekly.  You are responsible for your own transportation.  

Please note: Dogs who are reactive or aggressive toward other dogs or people are not appropriate for this class.

Sunday - 9:00AM


Amy Barker, CPDT-KA & Sarah Bollig-Dorn

SEPT 29-OCT 20 - 6 spots

Specialty Class - $215

$175 for repeat hikers.  Not eligible for Honorary Ruffian discount


You will need a Washington State Parks Discover Pass for some hike locations. For the snow shoeing class, you will need your own snowshoes or rent them from REI.




Cooperative Care

8 weeks - $325

not eligible for Honorary Ruffian discount

THURSDAYS, MAR 7-MAY 2 (8 wk class, $325-skip Apr 4) , 4:00-5:30PM

Cooperative Care

Cooperative care is beneficial for all dogs! During their lifetime, our dogs will face stressful situations such as vet visits, nail trimming and grooming, getting burrs picked out of their feet while hiking, or having to wear a bandage or cone after a surgery or injury. Cooperative care lets us teach our dogs to feel good about these situations. It gives them an understanding of what will be done to them, builds choice and consent into the process, and results in a more confident, less stressed dog. 


We love Deb Jones' approach to husbandry and will be utilizing her structure and protocols for this class. Her book Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry is highly recommended as a companion to this class.

The best gift you can give your dog is cooperative care training! At the end of the class, you and your dog will be well on your way to earning your first Cooperative Care Training Certificate. More information on the titling program can be found here:


Whether you want the right start with your new puppy, to work on helping your dog happily wear their harness/gear, or to prepare for cooperative vet and grooming appointments, this class is for you!

Eva CCC1 1-7 Medicine.jpg

8 wk session / $325

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Pre-requisite:  Dogs must have completed

Beginning & Intermediate classes and be clicker-savvy




For more information:

Contact Vicki Barker -

4-week Agility session / $215

Dog has completed TWO 4-wk sessions / $175

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Classes run April through August

Monday & Tuesday, 4 & 6 PM
Monday-Beginners / Tues-
Adv & Returning

Agility Classes at DITR are held
April through August. 


For Fall and Winter classes, join Vicki at Barker's Barn!  Classes will begin Oct 2nd for Beginner classes and Oct 3rd for returning students.  Address 3162 N. Christensen Rd, Medical Lake, WA

For more information and to register,

contact Vicki Barker, 509-954-5423

(These classes are not offered through Diamonds in the Ruff.)

Agility for Fun - Foundation Level 1

Agility Foundations.  Polish basic skills, recalls, stays and targeting with movement. This is an outdoor class featuring fun activities and games. Foundation skills for people who are thinking about a future in dog sports, freestyle and more. Learn techniques to help you create attention and distance control at the park, the lake or a walk around the block. Teamwork for you and your best friend.

Agility for Fun  - Intermediate Level 2

Build great team work, communication and attention skills while having fun sending your dog up, over, around, and through a variety of obstacles.  For people and dogs who want to find new ways to have fun together.  This is not a competition class. 

Agility For Fun - Advanced Level 3

Putting it all together.  For dogs who have achieved the basics of weaves and obstacles.  Did you catch the agility bug?  Continue building on your foundation behaviors and handling skills. 


(Held outdoors in mild weather months.

Please note: Dogs with problems of aggression are not suited for this class.)

Tails & Trails
Holiday Mannrs
Coopeative Care
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