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Diamonds in the Ruff

I have two dogs. 

Can I train them together?


You may attend the same class with both dogs IF you have a second person to work with the second dog.  

It simply is not safe or feasible for one person to effectively handle two dogs at the same time in a group training class.  The second handler may be an older, capable child IF the child is physically able to safely control the dog in close proximity to other dogs and will be the dog's primary trainer in class.  Dogs handled by children should be friendly and accepting of other dogs and people.


If you don't have a second responsible human to handle the class training of the second dog, you should enroll the dogs in different classes.  Or bring the dog who needs the class exposure most.  You can apply your class homework to working with both dogs at home.


If the above options aren't possible, you may arrange for private training with an instructor.
Go here for contact information for private lessons.



Why might it be a good idea to attend separate classes? 

Yes, it's another trip for you, but there may be benefits to attending separate classes:

  • You and the dog can give each other your full attention.  

  • The dogs don't distract each other or compete for your attention. 

  • You can appreciate each dog for their own strengths and talents.  They can shine on their own.

  • Less-confident dogs benefit from learning to be on their own without the support of their housemate - especially if it's a sibling.

  • If one dog becomes alarmed, the other may follow suit.  He might have a totally different reaction if he were away from his housemate's influence.  On their own, they form their own interpretations of what is safe and what is worrisome.

Is there a discount for the second dog? 
You may take a $15 discount for the second dog if you only need one student handbook.  This applies whether they are in the same class or not. 

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