Individual Class Tuition
and Discount Package Prices

Class sessions start monthly - 4 weeks, 1.5 hours -
once-per-week, for a total of  6 hours of instruction.

Mail or drop off check or cash
to 3400 N. Monroe, 99205
or PAY via PAYPAL using the payment buttons below:


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First Level

Beginning level tuition is $150 per dog.  

4-week session, 1.5 hours / once-per-week


Puppy Preschool / Puppy Kindergarten / Headstart

Choose which class, based on the age of your dog at the start of class. 

Includes free download of the What is My Dog Saying body language lecture.  If you've attended a Diamonds in the Ruff class with a prior dog and still have your student handbook, you may deduct $15. You may deduct $15 for a second dog in the same family if you only require one handbook.  If you are bringing two dogs to the same class, you must have two capable humans, one for each dog.

Beginning class (in person or zoom recording )      $150

Puppy or Headstart - includes free download of  the What is My Dog Saying body language lecture.  Also pay here for Distance learning package.

Beginning  - repeat student        $135

Deduct $15 if you already have a handbook

Beginning - two dogs, same family     $285

($15 off - one handbook)

Auditor spots (without dog) are available.  Tuition is $135. 

Attend a 4-week session without your dog, learning by watching and practicing at home.  Includes all class materials.  If the class you want is full or you don't have veterinary clearance, you can begin training at home right away.  It is also a good choice if your dog is not appropriate for a group setting or you are physically unable to handle your dog.

Audit  without dog      $135

Attend a group class without your dog

Second Level

Intermediate level tuition is $135 per dog. 

4-week session, 1.5 hours/once-per-week


Intermediate Prep Class
For dogs of all ages. who have graduated from a Puppy or Headstart class at DITR or another reward-based training school.

Intermediate Prep class     $135

For dogs who have completed a beginning class

Third Level

Advanced Classes beyond Prep are $120 per dog.  

  4-week session, 1.5 hours/once-per-week


Advanced Classes

A variety of Advanced options rotate monthly through-out the year.  Choose your advanced class based on your needs, interests, or future goals.  Pre-requisite: Must be clicker-savvy and have completed a group Intermediate level class to attend.

Advanced class descriptions here.

Advanced class - single class    $120

for clicker-savvy Prep grads

Advanced Class x2

2 classes, $240 value for  $230

Honorary Ruffians!

Dog Nerds Unite!  Dedicated students whose dog has attended 5 or more advanced classes, may pay $100 for all future advanced classes for that dog.

Discount Packages

Off on the Right Paw package

1 Beginning & 1 Intermediate class  - 8 wks of class training:

  • $285 value for $255

Intermediate plus Advanced Class package

1 Intermediate & 1 Advanced class 

of your choice to be attended within a 3 month period:

  • 2 classes, $255 value for $235

The Whole Shebang

1 Beginning, 1 Intermediate & 1 Advanced class of your choice to be attended within a 6 month period:

  • 3 classes - $405 value for $365

Specialty Classes!
Class sessions that are longer than the average 4 wk length or require additional overhead are $150. 

Honorary Ruffian rate does not apply.
(Holiday Manners / Pet Therapy)

Transfer fee       $50

In case of illness or emergency, by approval,  transfer to a future class.

Other amounts not listed
(enter amount)

What is My Dog Saying?      $25

Canine Communication download

FULL-length version.  (The condensed version is included free with all class registrations.)




Please pay for your class right away.  Payment must be received to hold your place in class.

Transfer/cancellation policy
No refunds.  Transfers must be taken within 60 days.  $50 transfer fee.

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