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Diamonds in the Ruff

Reactivity? Aggression?

Dogs bark for a number of reasons:
  • Because they are excited, "Hello! Hello!" 

  • Most often because they are afraid, "Don't come any closer! Stay Away!"

  • And far less often, because they are actually issuing a challenge.

​Dogs bark more when on leash because they are trapped (can't escape if they need to) or because the tension of the leash increases frustration.

Is a group class right for you?

If your dog has issues of reactivity or aggression - lunging, barking or snapping at other animals or people - he or she may not be appropriate for a regular group class.​

We have other options for you!

Diamonds in the Ruff specializes in dealing with special needs dogs, with careful consideration paid to the safety and quality of class for our other students.  If your dog has bitten or snapped in the past, your dog may be required to wear a muzzle for safety in the classroom. 


Many worried, under-socialized dogs act out when overwhelmed, but as they begin to feel safe in a controlled environment, they soon settle in and begin to relax. When good experiences outweigh negative ones, the dog’s need to be defensive gradually subsides and the dog’s comfort level increases.  We will provide visual barriers to help these dogs feel safe as they settle in and to reduce barking.  When they are ready, the visual barriers will be reduced.  


Barking doesn't always equal aggression, but excessive barking can increase stress for other students and their dogs and make hearing the instructor difficult.  If the group class environment isn't optimal for your dog, your instructor will suggest other options so you and your dog can get the help you need.

Visit this page for more info on our classroom to help you visualize you and your dog in our training studio with other dogs and families.

You may enroll as an auditor - attend classes without your dog and practice at home.  Most of the class experience is training you how to train your dog and the real training happens at home anyway.  Limited auditor spots are available.   You will receive all class materials and will take part and ask questions like all the other students.  This is a perfect solution for those whose dogs are not appropriate for a group setting or whose handlers are not physically able to safely manage their dogs in class.

Evaluations & behavior consultations are available.   
Please contact Travis Byrnes - 710-7697 or email to schedule an evaluation. He will give you some handling tips and assess whether your dog is right for a group class or whether private one-on-one help or semi-private lessons for special-needs dogs would be a better choice to get you off on the right foot.


Depending on your particular needs, we will help you determine whether you should continue your training in private lessons or enroll in a specialized class to best address your concerns.  



Our goal is to help you help your dog to feel more comfortable, so they can have a better quality of life and be a safer companion for you and your family.

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