Diamonds in the Ruff

Behavior Consults and Private Lessons

If your dog has a behavior problem and you need assistance, we can help!   Our training and behavior consultants are available to  meet with you, assess your situation and design a training or behavior modification plan to suit your individual needs.

Private lessons are the perfect training choice for young puppies whose vaccination series has not been completed and are too young to attend a group class. Helpful support and advice for first-time dog owners to help you get off on the right paw. Get a head start on training, socialization & puppy issues. Errorless management from day one can set the stage for success!

From Basic Training to In-depth Behavior Modification? We can help!
Bad manners.  Jumping on guests.  Chewing on the kids.  House training.  Door dashing.  Counter thieving.
Barking.  Destruction.  Fearful behavior.  Problems between housemates. 

Travis Byrnes, CPDT-KA
Diamonds in the Ruff

Travis provides private training lessons and behavior consults in your home or at the training studio.  He enjoys helping new puppy owners and adoptive families get off on the right paw with their new friends.  He has a special way with shy and fearful dogs and inspires confidence in his human clients, too.  He can help you understand your dog, and help your dog understand you.

As a parent of three children, his specialty is helping families navigate the challenges of raising a puppy or dog in a busy household with children, helping build healthy communication and repair relationships that have gone awry. 

Do you need an evaluation to determine if a group class is right for you?   Do you need a make-up session for a missed class, or supplemental help on your training lessons?  Call Travis!


Travis will help you establish basic skills, manners and socialization for your young puppy or older dog as well as in-depth solutions for common behavior problems.  

Contact Travis at 509-710-7697 or  email 

Amy Barker, CPDT-KA
Diamonds in the Ruff

Amy offers private consults, lessons & customized day training packages for anyone looking for a little more help with their puppy or dog. She is passionate and dedicated to making the relationship with your dog resilient and joyful. Amy’s training style focuses on play, exercise & training to help you and your dog live the best life together. She is skilled at interpreting behavior and can help you truly understand things from your dog’s perspective. Whether you are working with a new puppy, wild adolescent, reactive or worried dog, or out of control dog; she is here to help and bring things back in balance within your family.

Amy owns Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile and combines her knowledge of holistic health and nutrition with her behavioral expertise. She offers consultations at Diamonds in the Ruff and at Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile on the South Hill or in your private residence.  Amy firmly believes every animal and situation is unique and deserves respect, kindness & humility for every family member involved, not just the dog.


Contact Amy at 509-209-1413 or email her at

Consultants may meet you at the training studio or your home. 
Contact them directly for their rates and to schedule an appointment.

"Diamonds helped me train Charlie from being out of control, attacking my cat, running away, wouldn't look me in the eye, aggressive.... to visiting a terminally ill friend at Sacred Heart, and bringing a few smiles to a grieving family. Without your influence, she wouldn't have passed her Canine Good Citizens test, and become the sweetheart she is today. You do INCREDIBLE work. Thank you. <3 Renee & Charlie"

Additional Local Resources You Can Trust.   Veterinary Medical Support.
Reactivity.  Aggression.  Anxiety related issues.  Phobias.  Compulsive behavior.
Diamonds in the Ruff will only recommend trainers and caretakers that we know to be force-free - people we would trust our with our own animals.

 Lisa Lucas, CPDT-KA
Northern Tails Dog Training

Lisa offers remote & in-person lessons.


Lisa's specialty is helping dogs with Separation Anxiety, a panic disorder.  Dogs with SA literally are afraid for their life when separated from you. It can be resolved or improved thru a process of desensitization, sometimes, combined with pharmaceutical support.


Lisa also helps resolve leash lunging,  reactivity and leash aggression.  These are all behaviors that are caused by a dog feeling restrained, frustrated and uncomfortable in a social situation while attached to a leash.  You will learn how to help your dog gain confidence, feel safe, control his impulses and remain calm around those things that currently trigger him, so you can both enjoy going for walks together! 


To schedule an evaluation/consult with Lisa, call 509-276-9118 or email

Christine Armstrong, CPDT-KSA - CBCC-KA
Farpoints Farm

CPDT-KSA  is a certified trainer - both knowledge and skills assessed and CBCC-KA is a certified behavior consultant canine - knowledge assessed.  Chris offers behavior consultations at her training facility or your home., from basic manners to the most difficult behavior challenges.  Chris is a Force-Free trainer who follows scientifically valid training methods and force free philosophy.  Here are some  thoughts from the CCPDT web site on selecting a trainer:  "A couple of things should raise a  red flag in your assessment.   If the trainer focuses on a model of  dominance and submission-using language like "dominant" and "alpha"  --   or uses primarily punishment based methods, that trainer doesn't meet  the standards of science-based training."

To schedule a consult with Chris, call 509-951-0768 or email

 Dr. Megan Cathey DVM
ABC Behavior Counseling, LLC

Dr. Megan Cathey is a  small animal veterinarian with a special interest in the behavior and welfare of dogs and cats.  She has taken additional training in this area, and has been providing behavior consults for several years.  As a veterinarian, she is able to evaluate, diagnose, develop, and implement a treatment plan for behavior problems for your pet.  She is also able to prescribe medications if necessary.  Dr. Cathey treats problems including separation anxiety, aggression, house-soiling, fears/phobias, compulsive disorders, and cognitive dysfunction of aging.  Consultations will include written treatment plans and follow-up.

To schedule a consult with Dr. Megan Cathey  CLICK HERE
Dr. Megan Bauer DVM
Latah Creek Animal Hospital

Dr. Megan Bauer is a graduate of Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She is a small animal general practitioner with a special interest in behavioral medicine, especially canine anxiety, canine cognitive decline, and feline behavior.  In addition, she is Fear Free Certified, which means she is passionate about reducing fear during veterinary visits and has taken a course on providing gentle restraint, a calming environment, and (if necessary) anti-anxiolytic medications to keep your pets calm during their veterinary visits.  
Contact Megan at 509-462-7387 or email

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