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These professional organizations offer search engines to help you find a trainer


The Association of Force Free Pet Professionals & Pet Professional Guild

Pat Miller's Peaceable Paws Trainers list

Certified Professional Dog Trainers in the US, Canada, Singapore and the Bahamas

Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Academy

The Association of Professional  Dog Trainers has an excellent page
on how to select a trainer and a list of members and how to contact them.

Doggone Safe trainers list


Looking for a trainer in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana?

Force-free trainers of the Northwest

Puget Sound Positive Trainers Directory

Force Free Oregon   Force-free pet professionals of Oregon


Looking for a trainer in Canada?

Consult the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

New Zealand? click here.

San Diego Dog Trainer Directory


Force-Free Trainers of Wisconsin



Choosing the right trainer for You & Your Dog


Tips from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists - Organizations, credentials and what to ask a dog trainer



Trainers should:
* Have a working knowledge of how to consistently and effectively deliver both cues and positive consequences.
* Clearly identify target behavior, the behavior that the trainer seeks to influence.
* Continuously assess training success, discontinuing or avoiding the use of techniques that do not work.
* Give dogs frequent feedback about appropriate behavior.
* Choose an approach that gives the dog the best chance of success, rather than set the dog up to display
 undesirable behavior for the primary purpose of punishing it.
* Base training programs on the principles of learning rather than on anecdotal remedies.



Who Should Treat Behavior Problems in Dogs & Cats?  by Patricia McConnell, PhD

American Dog Trainer's Network: Advice on Selecting an Obedience Instructor

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers - How to Find a Dog Trainer

From the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists - How to Hire a Dog Trainer



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