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Diamonds in the Ruff


Below you will find the access links to your online homework, which includes videos of class demos and detailed instruction of your weekly lessons. 

In-person make-ups are not available.  If you are absent, the online homework will serve to keep your family up to speed in training with your dog at home and keep you from falling behind should you be absent and miss a class.  The online Homework pages for Beginning and Intermediate include everything we do in class and more!  Pre-recorded Zoom class links are also provided for the Beginning & Intermediate classes.  (Upper right corner of the first homework page.)



The password for your class homework will be provided in your Reminder Email.  



  • Click on the link for your class and enter the password.  

  • View online.  Download printed homework handouts to your personal computer.

  • Trouble with the link?  Be sure you have selected the link to the class you are currently attending and enter the password for that class, provided in your reminder email
    Lower case, no spaces!  (Your computer may be auto-loading your previous class link)

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Dress for the weather!

This is Spokane, so layers are a good idea!  Chairs are available in the training field.  You are also welcomed to bring your own chair if you prefer.   We bring out the awnings for shade or if rain is likely. 


Class will be held as planned unless you hear otherwise. 

Your instructor will email you with instructions if class is being moved indoors or postponed due to weather.  If you miss the email and arrive and find no one is there, check the training studio.  Your instructor's contact info is also included on your class homework link if you need to reach them.




When out walking and for those attending outdoor summer classes, stay in the shade and bring plenty of water and a wet bandanna for you and your dog!   


We also advise that you leave "real meat" treats at home during yellow-jacket season. 

In mid-to-late summer, the wasps and yellow jackets start to look for the good stuff.  They are particularly fond of hot dogs.  There is also a bit of clover in the lawn.  If you are allergic to bees, bring your epi-pen, just in case.


Bring along some mosquito repellent 

for those outdoor evening classes!  Mosquitos and no-see-ums love the cool grass.

Looking for fellow positive reinforcement trainers to walk and train with? 

Get connected on this Facebook group: DIAMONDS IN THE RUFF MEET-UPS!

An opportunity for graduates of Diamonds in the Ruff to work on their skills - appropriate introductions, leash walking with distractions, and good social skills. Members can arrange meet ups, play dates, or other gatherings.

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