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Our Classroom

Rather than a training hall with concrete floors and rubber mats where instructors call "forward!" and "halt!" while students march in a circle, Diamonds in the Ruff offers a cozy, homelike setting with chairs, warm floors and settle down mats.  Class size is limited to 8 dogs with two instructors.


Kids are welcome!  The layout of the training studio encourages whole family participation and group discussion. Mom, dad, the kids, and grandma can sit together and take turns practicing with the dog and easily have their questions answered.  People with physical limitations find that we can accommodate their individual needs and help make training a success.

Learning to work and focus around other people and puppies, it's not easy at first!

Here is a page to help you prepare for When You Come to Class.
Many of our students meet in class and become friends for life, meeting outside the classroom to train and play.

In good weather, we also practice door manners and leash work on the sidewalks outside the training studio and may include a walk around Emerson Park.  Many of our advanced classes are held in a safely fenced outdoor training field.

Take it on the road and into the real world with real life distractions in our advanced classes.

"Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the first class.  It’s helped already. I chopped up that meat stick today. We went to Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile and wowzers got some more training treats. My kids paid attention and are so eager to work with Teddy.  He gets about 100 chances a day to earn a treat. It’s great!"  -Rebecca

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