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The Beginning level classes are for students and puppies or adult dogs who have not previously attended a group training class at Diamonds in the Ruff or other training school.

If either end of the leash has not attended a group class before, this is the best place to start your training journey.   Classes sessions are 4 weeks in length.  Week one is people training - dogs do not attend the first week orientation.  We will invite a couple of outgoing, hungry dogs who are willing to work with the instructor in front of the class for demonstrations.  Please ask if you think your dog would be a good candidate to be a demo dog at orientation.


What will we learn?  We will build a foundation of basic skills, focusing on good manners in a group class setting with the distractions of other dogs and people.  You will learn how to teach sit, down, stand on hand signal and verbal cue.  And of course, come when called, stay, leave-it and sit for petting, plus techniques to build loose leash walking skills.  We will use a verbal marker "yes!" to mark appropriate behavior while teaching the dog to work to earn rewards such as attention, praise, petting, food, and access to games and activities the dog wants.  


Level one classes, Puppy Preschool, Puppy K and Headstart, are identical curriculum - divided by developmental age. Please choose the class that best meets your dog's age and the day and time that fits your schedule.  Make-ups are available.   Having trouble finding a session that works for your busy schedule?  Please email and we'll figure out a flexible schedule that will work for you.


Our second level class is the Intermediate Prep class.  Build on your foundation skills - more attention, duration, problem solving and perfecting.  Beyond Prep are the Advanced classes - choose from a great selection to help you meet your training goals.


​But the class I want is full!  Our classes do fill fast, so register early!  The good news is, classes start monthly, so the next session is only a few weeks away!  We also keep a waiting list, so if the class you want is full, register for next month and note on your registration form that you would like to be put on the waiting list.  Sometimes, if there are enough people waiting, we will add a class to the schedule.  Even if your puppy class doesn't start right away, or you need specific help with your dog, we have instructors who do private lessons!


I'm not sure my dog is appropriate for a group class.  If your dog is shy or fearful, please let us know so we can evaluate his needs and set him up for success in the classroom.  If your dog has issues of reactivity or aggression, we have other options for you.  We have instructors who do private lessons and in-home behavior consults.  

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