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Veterinary Clinics & Health Resources

Having a behavior problem?  If your normally agreeable animal has a sudden behavior change, the root of the problem could be a medical issue.  Our behavior specialists will often recommend a complete check-up and blood work before embarking on a behavior modification program.  You will also need a clean bill of health and up-to-date vaccinations before starting a group training class.


The following Spokane area vet clinics have great webpages on the net! There are many great veterinarians in the Spokane area, members of the Inland Empire Veterinary Medical Association. If you know of a clinic who has a webpage that is not listed, please let us know so we can add it!


For links to veterinary clinics, state-by-state, all over the U.S. visit Vet


To add your URL email us!



Veterinary Clinics & Health Resources

Wandermere Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Carrie Field DVM
Dr. Sherry Moore DVM

Dr. Sara Shaw DVM
Northside, Wandermere area
12519 N. Division St. Suite 1


Garland Animal Clinic

Dr. Steve Boharski DVM
Dr. April Weber DVM
Dr. Saundra Taylor DVM

Dr. Carrie Grace DVM
Dr. Brianne Sorenson DVM

Dr. Brooke Cummings DVM
(509) 326-3151
1022 W. Garland Ave.


Audubon Vet Clinic
Dr. Michael R. Moore DVM
Dr. Chrystal M. Wachtel DVM
2120 W Northwest Blvd
(509) 328-7120

All Creatures Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Gordon Jewett

E. 11105 Dishman-Mica Rd  99206

Animal Clinic of Spokane
Dr. Matt Schmidt DVM

Dr. Luther McConnell DVM
Dr. Michor Gentemann DVM

Dr. Sara Roginski DVM
6322 N. Wall  (north of Francis, east of Wall)

Indian Trail Animal Hospital

Dr. Keri Bayley

Dr. John Kuhn

Dr. Shelby Turnbull

Dr. Gordon Armstrong

Dr. Susan Seethaler

9027 North Indian Trail Road

North Division VCA
Dr. Joe Peterson DVM

Dr. Sarah Daniel DVM

Dr. Andrew Forsberg DVM

Dr. Lacey Rasmussen DVM

Dr. Bonnie Southwick DVM
Northside, Mead area
8714 North Division St.
Fairwood Animal Hospital
Dr. Ben Hart DVM
Dr. Kayte Anderson DVM
Dr. Lydia Gentry DVM
Northside, Mead area
317 West Hastings Rd.


Gentle Veterinary Housecall Services
Dr. Megan Cathey DVM

509-481-7549 - vet care at your home

Peone Pines VCA
Dr. Valerie Sinclair DVM
Dr. Julie Janiak DVM
Dr. Heather Skinner DVM
Peone Prairie, Colbert area
14717 N Newport Hwy.

Hunter Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Mark Schrag DVM

Dr. Sara Schrag DVM
Dr. Jo Cobb DVM

Dr. Serena Copely DVM
933 N. Washington

South Care Animal Clinic
Dr. Greg Benoit DVM
Dr. Susan Wada DVM
Dr. Suzanne Coulson DVM
Dr. Nick Snider DVM

Dr. Annika Benedetto DVM

Dr. Heidi Patterson DVM
South Hill
2915 E. Palouse Hwy

Manito VCA
Dr. Cindy Purvis DVM

Dr. Julie Janiak DVM

Dr. Janaki Swanson DVM

Dr. Meghan Yurenka DVM
South Hill
2304 E. 57th Avenue

Lincoln Heights Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Christine Perry-Siems DVM
Dr. Jessica McCrea DVM
Dr. Marybeth Porter DVM
Dr. Alex McCormick DVM
Dr. Melanie Bowden DVM

Dr. John Freeman DVM
South - behind Lincoln Hts Shopping Ctr
2829 East 27th Ave,  Spokane, WA 9922

Regal Vet Clinic
Dr. Katie Dull DVM
Dr. Katie Shockley DVM

Dr. Erika Berdan DVM
South - Lincoln Hts Shopping Ctr
2923 E. 29th


Union Animal Hospital

Dr. Linsey Sutton, DVM

Dr. Kat Bell, DVM

Dr. Arnora Griffith, DVM

Dr. Laura Wojcik, DVM

2225 E Sprague Ave 99202

Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center
Dr. Keith Clark DVM

Dr. Ginny Schulken DVM
510 S Sullivan Rd
Veradale, WA

Heart Arrow Vet
Drs. Patrick & Michael O'Dea DVM
Dr. Megan McElroy DVM
Dr. Joan Vendramin DVM
S. 208 Steen Rd.
Veradale, Wa

Legacy Animal Medical Center
(formerly Animal Clinic at Liberty Lake)
Dr. Mark Fosberg DVM
Dr. Karen Yamamoto-Fosberg DVM
Dr. Emily Wynne DVM
926-VETS (8387)
1318 N Stanford Lane
Liberty Lake

Valley Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Mark McFrederick DVM
Dr. Kevin French, DVM
Dr. Julie Sederstrom DVM
Dr. Nissa Gese DVM
Dr. Alex Hamilton DVM
7322 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA 99212

Spokane Valley Animal Hospital
Dr. Kevin J. Fricke DVM
14319 E. Sprague Ave

Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Traci Baker DVM
Dr. Jessica Titchenal DVM
1971 1st Street
Cheney WA

Latah Creek Companion Animal & Bird Hospital
Dr. Steve Bauer, DVM
Dr. Megan Bauer, DVM
462-PETS (7387)
4241 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd, Suite E
Spokane, WA 99224

Dr. Dru A. Choker DVM
Dr. Larry E. Deaver DVM
Dr. Matt F. DeMarco DVM
Dr. Gerda L. McAuliffe DVM
Dr. Michael J. O’Dea DVM
Dr. Curt Codr DVM


E. 21 Mission
(between Division & Ruby)

Deer Park Veterinary Clinic
Dr. John E. Harris DVM
Dr. Amy MauchDVM
2915 E. Crawford Road
Deer Park, WA

Lily Pad Veterinary Services
Wholistic Health Care for Pets
Dr. Jonathon Wright DVM DVHH
13405 E. Palouse Highway
Valleyford, WA
House calls!

Acupuncture for Pets
Dr. Rosemarie Asterino, DVM
Dr. Donna Troyer, DVM
1428 W. Mansfield Ave
Spokane, WA  99205

Click the box above to find out more about the Fear Free veterinary movement!

Vets who specialize in behavior:

Dr. Megan Cathey DVM
ABC Behavior Counseling, LLC

Dr. Megan Cathey is a  small animal veterinarian with a special interest in the behavior and welfare of dogs and cats.  She has taken additional training in this area, and has been providing behavior consults for several years.  As a veterinarian, she is able to evaluate, diagnose, develop, and implement a treatment plan for behavior problems for your pet.  She is also able to prescribe medications if necessary.  Dr. Cathey treats problems including separation anxiety, aggression, house-soiling, fears/phobias, compulsive disorders, and cognitive dysfunction of aging.  Consultations will include written treatment plans and follow-up.To schedule a consult with Dr. Megan Cathey   CLICK HERE


Dr. Megan Bauer DVM

Latah Creek Animal Hospital

Dr. Megan Bauer is a graduate of Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She is a small animal general practitioner with a special interest in behavioral medicine, especially canine anxiety, canine cognitive decline, and feline behavior.  In addition, she is Fear Free Certified, which means she is passionate about reducing fear during veterinary visits and has taken a course on providing gentle restraint, a calming environment, and (if necessary) anti-anxiolytic medications to keep your pets calm during their veterinary visits.  
Contact Megan at 509-462-7387 or email

Local resources for canine physical therapy:

Springwater Veterinary Services -
Dr. Krista Porter, DVM - 208-651-0973

Pawlouse Veterinary Rehabilitation -  509-570-3754

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