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Call Dr. Cathey at 509-481-7549 or email ABCAnimalBehaviorCounseling@outlook.com



Services will be performed at Diamonds in the Ruff, located at 3400 N. Monroe St.  Spokane, WA

COVID-19 update: Teleconsults are available! 


Monday through Saturday by appointment.


ABC Animal Behavior Counseling, LLC provides services to evaluate, diagnose, develop, and implement a treatment plan for behavior problems for your pet.  We serve the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area. 

Dr. Megan Cathey is a small animal veterinarian with a special interest in behavior of dogs and cats.  She has taken additional courses and training in this area, and has been providing behavior consults for about 10 years.  Dr. Cathey treats problems including, but not limited to:

  • separation anxiety

  • aggression

  • house-soiling

  • fears/phobias

  • compulsive disorders

  • cognitive dysfunction of aging

As a veterinarian, she is also able to prescribe medications if necessary.

To assure safety and minimize stress, please leave your pet in your vehicle until you have checked in.  And keep your pet restrained by a leash and collar/harness, or in a carrier at the beginning of the evaluation.  All further interactions will be at the discretion of Dr. Cathey.   If you have specific concerns for your own or your pet’s safety, please let us know when you schedule the appointment.



Special Information for Aggressive patients

If your dog or cat is aggressive, you should be aware that:


  • Any animal that is aggressive can inflict serious injury or harm.

  • Precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone, including using barriers such as kennels or gates, leashes, harnesses, head collars, and/or muzzles.

  • Proof of current Rabies vaccination is required.

  • Seeking treatment for a behavioral problem and/or treating a behavior problem is not a substitute for adherence to local laws.

  • Owning a cat or dog carries the responsibility and liability for any damage the pet does to people or property.  This responsibility is not changed or transferred by seeking behavioral help.

  • Problems involving pathological behaviors, including aggression, are never cured but they can be well treated and managed, to the point where the dog or cat lives a happy, safe life.  Failure to manage and treat these problems may lead to euthanasia.  Even as a last resort, the death of a pet is an outcome that everyone should seek to avoid, if at all possible.  The purpose of this consultation is to provide humane care that allows your dog or cat to live a long and healthy life.  *

*Adapted from Overall KL: Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Dogs and Cats, 2013, by Mosby


Other Veterinary Care:

Your primary veterinarian will continue to perform regular veterinary care.  ABC Animal Behavior Counseling, LLC is not able to perform vaccinations, de-worming, laboratory testing, surgery, or other routine veterinary services.   Please provide copies of your pet’s recent (within the past two years) medical history including physical exams, vaccination, and any laboratory test results.  Any other information related to your pet’s behavior condition such as medications, trainers, previous behavioral evaluations, etc. should also be provided. 


What do I do before the consult?

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If you do not wish to pay via credit card, you may mail a check made out to: 
ABC Animal Behavior Counseling, 3400 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205.