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Diamonds in the Ruff


  •    Please fill out the following forms: 

    Student Profile   (onine form)
    & print your    

    Veterinary Permission Slip
    Take it to your veterinarian to be signed.   Bring it with you week 1.*



Click the links above to open the files.  

No printer?  No problem.  We will have hard copies available at the first week orientation.  If you cannot get to your veterinarian for signature in time, you may bring your vet slip week two.  VPS must be received by week two when dogs join us in class.


Trouble with the online student profile form? 
Download the pdf version, print & bring it with you to class



* Be sure to get your veterinary permission slip signed right away to make sure that your dog is healthy and adequately vaccinated and your vet says your dog is ready to come to class.  (Especially important for puppies!  Don't wait til the last minute and find out your vet wants you to wait because you need another vaccination to attend or discover that your dog has a parasite that needs to be treated before you can begin.)  


If you are registering for an intermediate or advanced class within the same calendar year, your VPS is on file and you do not need to fill out another one.


We do not have fax capabilities - but you or your veterinarian may scan the form and email it to


To avoid potential health issues, please avoid the dog park while you are enrolled in group training classes. 
This is especially critical for puppies to avoid potential health and emotional damage at an impressionable age.
Please click on the link above for more information.

If you have adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue, we ask that you wait at least 10 days before starting classes to be sure they aren't going to break with an illness or infection.  Visit your vet now, especially if your dog has come from an out of state transport.  These dogs often arrive with parasites that are not common to the Spokane area, so it is important that you find out early in order to get treatment out of the way.  We hate it when you have to postpone a class you've worked so hard to get into!




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