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1. Manage the situation to prevent what you don't want rehearsed
2. Train for what you do want
3. Be consistent and reinforce, reinforce, reinforce
4. Gradually relax management bits, testing to see if training is taking over

You have to grit your teeth and establish new habits for yourself during this process. And that might mean inconvenience on your part.
.............................................................................-- Helix Fairweather

"Dogs don’t generally have behavior problems.  People have problems with their behavior."

- Jill Marie O'Brien

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Resources for New Puppy Owners

Your New Puppy

Developmental Stages

How Early? AVSAB Position Statement

Introducing a Puppy to Your Adult Dogs

How to Properly Pick Up Your Dog - Whole Dog Journal


Early Puppy Socialization

What Socialization IS and IS NOT

Socialization by Denise Fenzi, Oct 24, 2016

The Puppy Socialization Plan website
How to Socialize a Puppy With Other Dogs, Humans, Sounds and Places - The Dog Clinic

Suddenly Spooked -Secondary Fear Phase

Socialization and Coping with Distractions
Helping Your Under-Socialized Dog

Is it all "how they are raised?" - Genetics and Socialization


Car Sickness & Anxiety - help your puppy enjoy car rides

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Motion Sickness - Whole Dog Journal

Motion Sickness in Dogs - VCA
Adaptil - Dog Appeasing Pheromone


Puppy Biting, Mouthing, Teething

OUCH!  Your Puppy Alligator

Teach a Willing Trade

House Training

House Training
House Training the Small & Sensitive Dog
Another great article about House Training


Crate Training

Crate Training

Crate Games with Susan Garrett

Crate Games with Zelda how-to video
Another great article about Crate Training

How Early Can My Puppy Begin?
Why Start Early?  Is it Safe?

FREE downloads: Ian Dunbar's books:
"Before You Get Your Puppy" & "After You Get Your Puppy"

Puppy raising links for breeders

Avidog - raising great puppies
Puppy Culture



Petting Consent Test - should you pet this dog?  Video

Helping Your Fearful Dog Navigate the World - Video

Dog-Dog Interactions

All played out: Social Maturity in Dogs


Living with Littermates

Inter-dog Aggression - Lisa Lucas


You and Your Teenage Dog


The Escape Artist

The Door Dasher

Bossy Demands and Attention Seeking

Is Your Dog Good with Kids?

Family Paws Parent Education

     Resources for New Baby/Toddlers -PDFs

Living with Kids and Dogs - Coleen Pelar

Kids and Dogs: How Kids Should and Should Not Interact with Dogs - Sophia Yin

Great books for parents:
"Please Don't Bite the Baby (and please don't chase the dog)"

"Living With Kids & Dogs



Work to Earn

Leave it

WAIT for Permission

Over-stimulated, Overly-Friendly Dogs


"Dominance" is a flawed concept
Why Not Dominance?

A True Story About My A**hole Dog and Why “Dominance Theory” is Bullsh*t!

Why Calm, Assertive Energy is Bullsh*t

From Dr. David Mech regarding wolf studies
Alpha Status, Dominance, & Division of Labor in Wolf Packs
, Mech
Dominance and Dog Training - APDT

No Such Thing as "Alpha" Dogs

Using Dominance to Explain Behavior is Old Hat

The Social Organization of the Domestic Dog

Why do so few dog trainers hold up to Cesar Millan's standard?

Beyond Cesar Milan

Debunking Dominance - the Dominance Fallacy & Our Obsession with Pack Leadership


The Complete Guide to Stress in Dogs (And How to Relieve It)

Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol in daily checklists!

If your dog is doing any of these things,
seek professional help! In-home consults

"While you may be able to suddenly reach out for your own dog and pet him roughly or put your face in his face, if you do the same thing to another dog, even one who knows you well, it may make the dog uncomfortable, even to the point where he snaps or bites.

When you think about it this makes sense. You can joke around with and even run up to and hug friends on the street, but with strangers and even with co-workers or acquaintances, those same behaviors can been seen as a threat, insult, or just plain rude. If you randomly tried to perform these behaviors with people around you, many would put up with it, but eventually someone might attack you." - Sophia Yin

Click HERE for a great article. Don't miss the PSA!


Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding
The Truth About Resource Guarding

Video: resource guarding - WSU vet behavior dept.

Resource Guarding - Patricia McConnell, PhD

Teach a Willing Trade


Behavioral Adjustment Training (BAT)
BAT - Handouts & Translations to share
DVDs and articles on BAT)

"Look at That" game - video by Donna Hill

Engage/Disengage Poster

Look at that!  Making the Trigger the Target -

Thresholds - It's More Than Just Under or Over - Suzanne Clothier

Muzzles for safety
.....Baskerville muzzle
.....Italian basket muzzle

     Custom fitted muzzles
.....How to Fit a Muzzle


.....How to accustom your dog to a muzzle - Chirag Patel
     Best Muzzle Training Video - Positive Reinforcement


Fear and Reactivity in Adolescence
Suddenly Spooked -Secondary Fear Phase

Thresholds - Recognize & Respect Them
Growling & Barking - important communication

Treat & Retreat
What Socialization IS and IS NOT

Respect the Fear, Change the Perception

Helping Your Worried Dog

Helping Your Fearful Dog Navigate the World - Video


Fearful Dogs - seeing the world in detail - Nancy Tanner

Healing the Profoundly Fearful Dog - Nickala Squire - a great resource!

The MYTH of "reinforcing fear" - great article by Patricia McConnell
Can You Reinforce Fear?


Thunderstorm fear

Canine Thunder Phobia - the Bunker Protocol

Noise Reactivities & Phobias - Karen Overall
Fireworks! - Grisha Stewart

Thunderstorms and Fireworks and Noises, Oh My!!! –veterinary behaviorist Dr. Leslie Sinn - video courtesy of Your Dog's Friend

Desensitization and Counter Conditioning
Counter-Conditioning - How This Concept is So Misunderstood

Calming Products for Anxious/Stressed dogs:
Calming Products for Fearful Dogs - by Debbie Jacobs
Adaptil - Dog Appeasing Pheromone


Anxiety Medications for Dogs - see your veterinary behaviorist


Separation Anxiety
Helping Dogs with Separation Anxiety - Malena DeMartini
The Separation Anxiety Top Ten List - Malena DeMartini

Behavior Modification for Canine Separation Anxiety - IAABC Journal

ONLINE COURSE: Mission Possible - Malena DeMartini

Separation Anxiety Dog




Traveling by Car or Truck with Pets
(thanks to Caroline from the P2E Youth Club and Beth Pawlicki for recommending this page!)

Safe Driving with Dogs Thanks to Andrew and Teens for Safety for suggesting this link!

How to Keep You and Your Pet Safe in an Auto Emergency

Legislation and Breed Ban links


I Need to Return This Dog
Are You Ready for a Dog in Your Life?

How Not to Pick a Rescue Dog - an excellent article by Grisha Stewart, Ahimsa Dog Training, Seattle, WA

Dangerous Dogs! – What Shelters, Rescues, Prospective Adopters, and Owners Need to Know

Download  "Before and After You Get Your Puppy" books by Ian Dunbar! FREE!

Choosing the Right Breeder



Tips from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Organizations, credentials and what to ask a dog trainer

Find Another Trainer IF ...

AVSAB Humane Dog Training Position Statement

Bones Would Rain From the Sky - Suzanne Clothier
Reaching Animal Mind - Karen Pryor
Inside of a Dog - Alexandra Horowitz
Plenty in Life is Free - Kathy Sdao

The Other End of the Leash - Patricia McConnell

Dog Sense - John Bradshaw


Great Blogs:
Nicole Wilde

Patricia McConnell, PhD


Intelligent Diversions and Creative Play - preventing

Chewing and Destruction

Brain Puzzle Toys!




Jumping up

Teach a Willing Trade

Leave it
Counter Thieving

Resource Guarding

Dogs in the Country (an article from the CAPPDT)

How to solve practically any annoying dog behavior problem  - by


Coprophagia: The Scoop on Poop Eating in Dogs

What to do when your dog eats poo - Sophia Yin

Pica: Ingesting non-food items like rocks

Effective Ways to Keep Your Dog Out of the Cat Litter Box

How to Keep Dogs Out of Cat Litter Boxes




Why is a Cue not a Command?
The Rule of Rewards

Bribes vs Rewards

Come When Called

Does your dog pull on leash?
Coping with Distractions

What Squirrel? 10 Techniques for Training with Distractions

Equipment choices - what we recommend - and don't

......Video on fitting/using Gentle Leader headcollar

      Why a No-pull harness?  Freedom harness video

......Harness reviews

......Retractable Leash Warning


Clicker training a deaf dog

But how do I get his attention? Tips for Training Deaf Dogs

Clicker for deaf dogs - the "Flicker"

Clicker training a blind dog
Halo vest/harness for blind dogs


Couldn't I just send my dog to you for training?

A Dozen Reasons to do Your Homework Before Sending Your Dog Away For Training



How to Play With Your Dog

Good Games, Bad Games

Tug of War?


DON'T play with laser pointers

Ditch the Laser Pointer

Service Dog Training Institute - ONLINE courses
SDTI - FREE course: "Choosing a Service Dog"

Public Access Standard for Working Service Dogs

ADA Access Regs Revised 2010: Service Animals

The Difference Between an Emotional Support Dog & Psychiatric Service Dog

Article about Fake Service dogs - from Anything Pawsable

Selecting an Adult Service Dog Candidate
Study: Assistance Dog -Beh Assessment &  Standardized Eval

Positive Gundog Training

Blazing a New Trail: Training Gun Dogs


Positive Training For Show Dogs


What is My Dog Saying powerpoint presentation on CD!

Dog Park Etiquette from Petfinder

Why NOT the Dog Park?

The Dog Park is Bad Actually - New York Times



The Connection Between Health & Behavior
Spay/Neuter risks and benefits:
  Castration risks and benefits
  Spay risks and benefits

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction - Dog Dementia

Over the counter medications that are safe - & not!

CPR for Cats & Dogs

Interesting article on How & Why Different Animals Sleep


Top 5 DNA Tests for Dogs

Doggy DNA testing from the comfort of home

EXERCISE - When & How

What is the Logic Behind Not Exercising Puppies Until the Growth Plates are Closed?

Exercise puppies carefully

Running with your dog

Too Much of a Good Thing: Over-excitement in Exercise

6 ways to Thwart an Off Leash Dog Rushing You or Your Dog

Space Etiquette for Dogs

Bike Attachments for Dogs


Why NOT the Dog Park?

I am NOT a Dog Park Advocate-AND HERE'S WHY

5 Health Risks Lurking at the Dog Park

15 things humans do wrong at dog parks

10 more things humans do wrong at dog parks

Dog Parks are Dangerous! - From Whole Dog Journal

The Dog Park is Bad Actually - New York Times

Dog Parks Can Be Great Places for Off-Leash Activity - Bark Magazine

Fit - or Fat?

Choosing Good Foods - Whole Dog Journal

The Shocking Truth About Pet Food

Dog Food Analysis website - Find hundreds of online dog food reviews
Foiling the Finicky Fido

Diet & Heart Disease

FDA Investigating Potential Connection Between Diet and Cases of Canine Heart Disease - July 2018

Update - FDA Investigating Potential Connection Between Diet and Cases of Canine Heart Disease - February 2019

Interpreting the information in the initial FDA report - July 2018

Information about DCM and why some dogs eat "exotic" proteins - January 2019

Interpretation of FDA follow up report - February 2019



De-Skunking Your Dog

My dog has a TICK!


Fear-Free Veterinary care

My Dog Struggles at the Vet or Groomer's
Less Stress at the Vet for Dogs and Cats - Companion Animal Psychology - includes many great links!

Teaching a dog to enjoy being handled, not just tolerate it

Crate Rest Activities for Dogs after Back, Hip, Leg Injuries, ACL or TPLO, Heartworm treatment, etc - video by Donna Hill

Vet care / grooming / handling VIDEOS:

.......Calm Collaborations: Chin Rest Tips
      Accepting ear drops - Sarah Owings
      Ready, Set for Groomer & Vet 1 - Laura Monaco Torelli
      RSGV - Chin Rest for Ear Care 2 - Laura Monaco Torelli
      Chin Rest: Vol Injection & Ear Care 3 - Laura Monaco Torelli

       Cone of Shame - Nando Brown
      Low stress jugular blood draw

       Helping your dog love having his harness put on

       How to Bathe Your Dog the Clicker Way

How do I trim my dogs toenails?

       Video - Nail Trim - Chirag Patel's Bucket Game - step-by-step
      Video -
Nail Trim - The Bucket Game

       Video - Teach Your Dog to LOVE toenail trims

       Video - Nail trimming from WSU behavior dept



Learning Dog Training From Television?

The Damage of Dog Whispering by Rachel Garner

The Dominance Controversy and Cesar Millan
Dog Whisperer: Frequently Asked Questions


A career with animals
I want to become a professional dog trainer

I'd like to become a veterinarian / vet tech


What about shock collars?

Expert Dog Trainer Robert Milner says Heck No to Shock Collars

Simply Shocking - Electronic containment systems (aka fenceless fences) may be convenient for dog owners, but they are not safe for dogs. By Pat Miller - Whole Dog Journal

Invisible Fences: The Bad and The Ugly - an article by Kasey LaPlace
Considering an electronic fence system? - By Norma Bennett Woolf

Please fence me in! - fencing facts from

Shock Collars - the Ugly Truth - by Valarie Barry,


Dog Star Daily

Pet Professional GuildPuppy Training articles

Training your deaf dog:  DeafDogs.orgDeaf Dogs Rock

Not in Spokane, but looking for a positive dog trainer?  Click here!
Pet Partners-Pet Therapy evaluations in Spokane



Behavior videos courtesy of "Your Dog's Friend"

Visit their YouTube video channel here!

"Help, My Dog is Reactive!" with veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Leslie Sinn, DVM, DACVB, CPDT-KA of Behavior Solutions for Pets


"PTSD in Pets" with veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB of Animal Behavior Wellness Center


"Fun, Enriching Activities for Your Dog" with Eager Beagle trainer, Karen Baragona, CPDT-KA


"Helping Your Fearful Dog Navigate the World" with Dog Latin dog trainer, Juliana Willems, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA

"Training tip: Polite Greetings" with Jackie Moyano, PMCT, CPDT-KA; Behavior United.

Training tip: Capturing Behavior with Juliana Willems, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA; Dog Latin Dog Training

Training tip: Attention Games with Marnie Montgomery, PMCT3, CPDT-KA; Joyful Dog

Training tip: Leash Walking with Sarah Stoycos, KPA CTP; Laughing Dog Academy

Training tip: “Leave It” and “Drop It” with Lisa Arant, Small and Tall Dog Training

Training tip: Coming When Called with Susan Sanderson, PMCT

Training tip: Targeting (“Touch”) with Michelle Mange, Right Start Maryland


Pet Emergency Clinic - 326-6670
E. 21 Mission (between Division & Ruby in Spokane)


Animal Poison Control Center

Plants that are poisonous to dogs

Essential Oil Safety With Pets - Perfume and Cologne

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

In case of emergency, volunteers are always needed! Contact
HEART - Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team


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