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Are You Ready for a Dog in Your Life?

Here are ten questions to help you decide
if you're really ready for the responsiblities of dog ownership:



1. Do I have enough time for a pet? Daily care includes affection, grooming, feeding, training and exercising.


2. Do I have adequate space and housing area (including a secure yard) for a dog?


3. Can I afford veterinary care, licensing, food, training and grooming costs? This can run up to thousands of dollars a year.


4. What would I do with my dog when I go on vacation or have to travel for my job?


5. Am I willing to obey community laws concerning animals?


6. Am I willing to be patient in training and housebreaking?


7. Can I deal with my favorite shoes being mauled, my furniture being chewed and all of the messes and accidents pets have?


8. Are my children responsible enough to help care for the dog? Will they be gentle with it and treat it well?


9. What happens if I move? Am I willing to deal with the frustrations of finding Bowser-friendly housing?


10. Am I willing to make a commitment to this dog for its entire life? Have I ever made a commitment that spans 15 years or more? 




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