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Transfers, Cancellations & Make-ups

Tuition is not refundable.  Because our classes are limited to 8 students per class, our classes frequently fill weeks in advance. Last minute cancellations and transfers can wreak havoc with the balance of the class registrations. Please check your calendar carefully and plan to attend the class you sign up for.


Should an emergency or illness occur, please notify us by email as early as possible to make arrangements for transfer to a future class.  There is a $50 transfer fee.  Transfers must be taken within 60 days.  *See cancellation policy below.


Sometimes things happen and you are unable to make it to class.   



by phone or email

Instructor contact list:

  • Carol & Dana Byrnes .......... 328-6959

  • Diane Baker ......................... 327-7941

  • Kim Imel ............................... 263-4902

  • Vicki Barker .......................... 954-5423

  • Anita Joens ........................... 710-3370

  • Amy Barker .......................... 209-1413

  • Travis Byrnes ....................... 710-7697



Private Catch-up or Brush-up lessons at the training studio

MISS A CLASS?  You may make up without your dog in another class in the corresponding week, or, if that is not possible:


Schedule a private make-up lesson! 

If your child's soccer game or unexpected guest caused you to miss a class, you may schedule a catch-up lesson with one of our instructors.  Email to schedule an appointment.  

Would you like a little ONE-ON-ONE HELP?
If you would like some concentrated personal help on your class lessons, we offer private  training sessions with one of our trainers at the training studio on weekday afternoons or in your home.  Email to schedule an appointment.  


Do you have a specific behavior issue?
For behavior issues requiring in-depth individual help we also offer In-home Behavior Consultations

What if my dog comes in season?
What if my dog has surgery or illness?

Make-ups are next to impossible right now due to the fact that COVID restricts us to a limited number of people in the classroom.  If there is a particularly small class or drop-outs, there's a slim chance.  In order to make sure that those who miss class don't fall behind, we have created online homework in addition to your written handbook that includes videos of the demos and complete instructions in case you miss a class.  You will receive the link and handbook at orientation.  Thanks for understanding.  This could change if we make it to Phase 3.

Transfer/cancellation policy

No refunds.  Transfers must be taken within 60 days.  $50 transfer fee.


We try our best to be able to accommodate everyone's needs, but in this day and age of complicated schedules, we are faced with having to become more strict regarding cancellations and transfers due to an abundance of last minute schedule juggling.  Often the next month is mostly full, not because of the new students registering, but because so many transfers from the previous month.  This is incredibly frustrating for new students trying to register, and hard on the bottom line.  When the registrations fall apart, we're scrambling at the last-minute calling wait-list people and trying to make everyone happy.  Small business is not for sissies!

Enrollment Policy:

Diamonds in the Ruff reserves the right to accept or deny enrollment in any class, lecture or workshop by any applicant. Class sizes are limited and enrollment is a first-come first-served basis. Unfortunately, Diamonds in the Ruff is unable to pro-rate students for missed classes or classes that they are unable to attend.  


Make-ups are available.
Should you miss a class, you may sit in on another class within the same week as a make-up for the class you missed. With so many folks juggling busy schedules, to avoid impacting the quality of instruction for our students, make-ups will be without dogs unless specially arranged.    If you are gone the entire week, you may choose to catch the week you missed in the following month or talk to your instructor about scheduling a private catch-up lesson. Online over-view of class lessons are available to keep you up to speed.

Inclement Weather:

On rare occasions due to weather, it may be necessary to cancel a class. If classes are cancelled due to hazardous weather conditions, make-up options will be provided.   (In general, unless the State Patrol issues a warning to stay off the roads, classes will be held as scheduled.  We are located on a major bus route, so roads are generally the first roads cleared.)

Diamonds in the Ruff Cancellation Policy:

Occasionally we may find it necessary to cancel a course or workshop due to low enrollment or other scheduling conflicts. If this occurs, registered students will be contacted and allowed to transfer to another class or be refunded the full course tuition.

Student Cancellation Policy:

Students will receive a 75% refund of tuition if a request to withdraw is received by Diamonds in the Ruff no later than 7 days prior to the first day of the course. Request to withdraw from a course less than 7 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for tuition refunds. If you register for a class or workshop last minute (within 1 week of the class), this cancellation policy still applies.  There is a $50 transfer fee to switch to a different class.

Registration Agreement Statement:

I understand and agree that when I register, I have obligated myself to pay for the courses and all other charges related to this registration. If registering by bank card, I authorize Diamonds in the Ruff to charge my account the amount noted. If I decide to cancel my registration, I understand that the date I officially withdraw will determine the amount of refund, if any, I will receive.

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