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"I filled out the form online"

From now on, it should be true!

Of course there will be a few bumps along the way as we get used to the new forms, but as of last night, the Student Profile and Release form for beginning classes is now an online form! I received my first 'not a test' actual student profile from an actual student via the form this morning. Please get familiar with the online forms in case there are questions from students.

Paper copies will still be available at the training studio for those who couldn't fill out the form online, but for most students, you should only need to collect the veterinary permission slips on week one (or they may bring them week 2 since dogs don't come until then.)

A print-out of the online profile should be attached to your roll sheet so you will still have access to all the information collected from the form. Dana will also be making a check box for the roster that indicates if the profile/release and VPS (vet slip) have been received.

The Online Registration form has been completely revamped and seems to be working!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, or get any feed back from students on how to make the forms better. Remember there is a comment box to the right of this article!


- Carol

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