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New Confirmation Links and Other Stuff

Upcoming Seminars -

What are you plannning to attend this year?

Ann-Luise Marshall is planning to go see Sue Sternberg in Olympia in February - willing to carpool!

Amy & I are planning to go see Suzanne Clothier in Montana in March.

Dana and I are planning to go to APDT in Hartford, CT in October.

How about you?

I'd iike to talk more about your interest and the potential for hosting Nosework speakers/seminars at the next meeting on Feb 8.

Updates -

I have updated the confirmation replies to include the following links:

Intermediate/Advanced confirmation link:

We're still working on the schedule! Be sure to check your calendar against the online schedules and make changes as needed. There have been some revisions since the last meeting and there will continue to be changes as we work out the bugs. Thanks again for all with eagle eyes who catch mistakes!

We have added a CGC class in July. Encourage your advanced students to check out the upcoming advanced offerings. Especially the Tails & Trails Snowshoeing class starting next week! Still several classes pending for the end of the year.

Interesting article - it's so important to remember what it's like to be a first time trainer!

Mark your calendars - the next Instructor Meeting is planned for Sat, Feb 8 at 6:30PM

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