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SEMINAR DATES! Updated 2/25!

Check out the hip pic! Cute Cathy and Teri, Darling Diane, Bad boy Dana, Cranky Carol and BLONDE baby Amy! Pam Reeff and Ann-Luise and Craig made that road trip with us. Extra credit if you WEREN'T there and know who we are pictured with and where it was taken. Write your answers in the comment section to the right of the blog post. This blog is a place to keep track of what is coming up on the calendar and who is going! If you know of a seminar, please comment on the post with the particulars, a link to the registration info if you have it, and let us know if you are going!


Jan 30 - TAGteach webinar - How the Brain Learns (why TAGteach works so well

March 8-9 Suzanne Clothier in Bozeman, MT - Amy & Carol are going!

April 13-18 Terry Ryan Coaching People in Sequim, WA

May 17-18 - Roger Abrantes in Bozeman, MT

June 12, 13, 14 Suzanne Clothier in Victoria, BC

June 20-22 SPARCS conference in Rhode Island - free streaming! (see more below)

August 8, 9, 10 Suzane Clothier in Wolf Park, IN

August 12-16, 2014 Washington State BAT Instructor Course, Seattle

September 13-16 - Terry Ryan Chicken Camp (Shaping, Targeting, Discrimination) in Sequim, WA

September 17-21 - Terry Ryan Chicken Camp (Criteria, Cueing & Chaining) in Sequim, WA

October 15-18 - APDT conference - Hartford CT - Dana & Carol are going!

* SPARCS - June 20-22 in RI Day 1: June 20, 2014 covers "Aggression and Conflict." Expert speakers (bios here) join the day of talks with takeaways like: Patricia McConnell: To be able to recognize the visual signs of conflict and agonistic behavior Ray Coppinger: To understand motor patterns when interpreting aggression James Serpell: To draw attention to what we do and don’t know about aggression in dogs Simon Gadbois: To learn the richness of the concept of behavioral and social “rules” Kathryn Lord: To understand how the broader scientific field of animal behavior and comparison to other animals can inform us about dog behavior

2015: Clicker expo in Portland January 23-25, 2015


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Karen Pryor Academy w/Terry Ryan -


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