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Training Rewards

HUGE thanks to Kim for cutting and packaging reward mix for classes!

In the freezer, you will find bags of pre-cut treat mix, thanks to Kim Imel. At the end of your class, if the tupperware bowl is getting low, please remove the existing treats, toss all crumbs and flakes in the garbage. Wash and dry the tupperware bowl, place a paper towel in the bottom to collect moisture from the frozen treats. Put the frozen mix in the container and top it off with the left-overs from your class. This way the new treats will be defrosted and ready for the next class and the "old" treats will be used first.

Donations to the treat mix collection are welcome!

If you see a "two for the price of one" sale and want to share, please do! If you see any Valentine chocolates in the sale bin or Easter candy on sale, we appreciate any contributions to the people-treat bowl, too!

House Keeping

The usual reminders:

They're BA-A-A-A-CK!!

It's not only shedding season, it's also SUGAR ANT season. Be extra diligent in making sure no wayward treats end up left on the floor or left in the garbage can. One tiny treat can become a black moving blob, mobbed by hundreds of ants. If you find an ant trail, spritz them with bleach water. The property managers will be spraying for bugs later this spring, but it won't help us now.

Vacuum well - the chair seats as well as the floor. Don't forget the mats! Vacuum and stack them fuzzy side-to-fuzzy side and rubber-to-rubber to keep anything from the bottom from ending up on the top. Also watch be aware that helpful students often put their un-vacuumed mats away, covered with hair and treat shrapnel. Make sure those get pulled off the stack and vacuumed.

Dust if you see dust. It's a never ending chore to keep up with the dust.

Did you put the poop bucket out? Did you remember to bring it in at the end of class?

Make sure it's the first thing you do when you arrive so it's available to students, and the last thing you do before you lock the door and leave. Also, check and re-fill the poop bag sleeve by the back door. There are always more grocery bags are in the hall closet.


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