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You are registered for classes at Diamonds in the Ruff!

We're excited to meet you!  Here are a few things you need to know:

Prairie Dog location

5608 S. Regal

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Where is the training studio?
Classes are held at 3400 N. Monroe St.
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​Our main training studio is located in the North Monroe Business District at the at the foot of the North  Monroe Street Hill, just South of Garland.  We're about 10 minutes from down town.

Limited offsite classes are also held at Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile during *most* months of the year.

Unless you have specifically selected a class on the schedule that says "Prairie Dog" on it, your class is at

the North Monroe location.

Important Parking Instructions!

Large vehicles should park on Cora on the North side of the street.  There is plenty of on-street parking on Cora all the way to Emerson Park to the West. 

Compact cars may park in the gravel lot at the rear of the building.  (It's a little tight getting in and out.)  There is also parking in the gravel out front as well. 


The street in front of DITR (Courtland) is a NO PARKING zone.  (The posted signs are above the curve, so you don't see them when you turn from Cora.)

Important info!

  • First week orientation - Please read!

  • Who and what to bring 
    All family members who take part in raising your dog are welcome to join you, including older children who wish to take part in training their dog.  NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, we are currently limited to 2 people per dog in the classroom and properly worn masks are required.

  • Pay for your class   You may pay by credit card via Paypal, by mail, or drop off a check or cash through the mail slot at the training studio on North Monroe.


All dogs must remain on leash.  Your dog should wait for permission to leave your vehicle and you should keep him close.  Check all equipment for proper fitting to be sure your dog doesn't accidentally back out of his collar or harness.

Do not allow your dog to rush up to other dogs or people. 

Maintain a distance of at least 10 feet between dogs when passing.  Teach your dog to wait for permission to enter through doorways until you have entered first and checked to be sure it is safe for them to enter.  Not only is this good manners, it will prevent any "close encounters" with dogs who may not be okay with your dog rushing into their space.

Please complete the following forms - do it now, so you don't forget!

The student profile is an online form. 

The vet slip is a downloadable pdf for you to print and take to your veterinarian. If you are unable to access or print the forms, we will have hard copies available at the first week orientation.  

Articles to help you:
Helpful tips to help you set your dog up for success:

When You Come to Class:

Is your dog overly-friendly or excitable? 

This article is for you!

Is your dog cautious or fearful?

Please send your tuition payment to ensure your place in class.


Tuition for a beginning class is $135.   (Intermediate is $100, advanced is $95.)

If you are a returning student, you may deduct $15 if you still have your student handbook.  You may upgrade to a discount package if you haven't already!  If you plan to attend multiple classes, check out our discount package rates.


  • Please make your check out to 'DITR', and mail it to 3400 N. Monroe, 99205.  If you'd like to drop it off at the training studio, there is a mail slot by the front door.  Your check will not be deposited until the first week of class.

  • or you may pay by credit card via PayPal online (Our Pay Pal ID is - ditr(underscore)  


Did you forget to mail it?  Cash or check will be accepted week one - we are unable to take debit or credit cards at the training studio.

If you'd like to stop by and drop off your tuition, please do!  

There is a mail slot to the left of the red door on the front porch of the training studio.  Even if we are there, we will likely be teaching a class or conducting a private consult.  If we aren't there or don't answer, please use the mail slot.  Push it all the way through and it will fall safely inside the studio.


Please write your contact info on  the outside of the envelope: including  the name of the class, day/date & time, especially if you are leaving cash! 


We are unable to take credit cards at the training studio.  You may pay via credit card online via PayPal.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about your dog's behavior around other dogs or people.  

We have instructors who do private lessons if a group class is not appropriate for your dog. 


Not sure? Travis Byrnes offers  Evaluations & Behavior Consultations for dogs with reactivity to people or other animals.  710-7697 /

For more information, go here.

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