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Diamonds in the Ruff

Special Behavior Classes

If your dog has issues with other dogs or people, he may not be appropriate for a group class with other dogs and families.  We also offer private lessons and occasionally semi-private small classes to help you get the help you need to learn to understand and help your dog.

Not sure if your dog is appropriate for a group class?  Email Cathy Fox to schedule a pre-class evaluation consult here.

Most aggressive/reactive responses are based on fear.  Some are the result of a poor start in life, lack of early socialization, or a traumatic experience, often coupled with nervous temperament.  Some dogs have a low threshold for arousal and ramp up quickly into defensive aggression while others spook and flee.  Cautious and fearful dogs may shut down or crumple into a trembling heap.  We have trainers to help you help your dog learn to feel safer, build confidence, and have a better quality of life.

Article:  What Socialization Is, and Is Not - Your Shy or Fearful Dog


Contact the instructors below for more information on private consultations and special classes.

If you are looking for help with specific behavior issues, contact us. 
In addition to private consultations, we occasionally offer special workshops, lectures and semi-private/small group classes to address behavior challenges such as leash frustration, reactivity, fearfulness and lack of confidence with people and other animals.


  • Fraidy Fidos - Confidence Building for Cautious and Shy Dogs - occasionally we offer a one-day workshop to help you understand your worried dog and how best to help them using classical conditioning and desensitization.  Learn techniques to build confidence and increase trust.  Kim occasionally offers a Fraidy Fidos semi-private group class to address handling skills and practical application of techniques to help your scaredy dog.  These classes are held on an as-needed basis. Contact Kim Imel - 465-1849, to be put on the waiting list for the next workshop or to schedule a private consultation.
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