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Come, Sit, Learn!

Group classes and private lessons for dogs of all ages and their families - kids welcome!
Located at the base of the N. Monroe St. Hill at 3400 N. Monroe.

Limited classes are also offered at Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile, S Hill.

In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human.
The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.
~ Edward Hoagland


Our training philosophy
Our canine friends are amazing creatures.
We love and respect your dog as much as you do.  All of our trainers use gentle, positive, effective methods.
No pushing,  no shoving,  no jerking,  no intimidating,  no scaring,  no forcing,  no "do it, or else."

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" Spokane is so blessed to have your facility to work with. Your instructors are so amazing, and I have learned so much. I didn't take Coheed to this last class, I just observed. Taryn allowed me the opportunity to work with Eva and it really helped build confidence in me with working with Coheed. We're still going at our own pace but having the opportunity to remove Coheed from the equation and find peace and practice the skills being taught was wonderful. Thank you again, I will be recommending your facility to anyone who wants to listen to my raves! "  - G. Ripley

When can we start?

Classes start monthly, year round!
1.5 hours, once per week for 4 weeks.  $175

Select your Beginning class based on the age of your dog at the start date of your class.
Puppies may begin as soon as your veterinarian signs your vet permission slip.

Under 4 1/2 months?  

Start in Puppy Preschool*

Puppies may begin as early as your veterinarian gives permission.  House training, mouthing and optimal socialization are popular topics in Preschool.  (*If Preschool is full or Mondays don't work for you, choose Puppy K.)

Under 6 months?
Start in Puppy Kindergarten

Did you miss the primary socialization window? Don't wait!  Start your puppy in classes right away!  Pre-adolescent puppies start in Puppy Kindergarten.  Can't make the Puppy K dates? Start in Headstart.

6 months to adult of any age?
Start in Headstart

The Headstart class is the best place to start if your rowdy adolescent missed puppy class, if you have a newly adopted dog, or just want to have fun teaching your family dog new skills, no matter what your future goals.

Graduates from a Level One: Beginning Class move on to Level Two: Intermediate Prep.
The Beginning and Intermediate classes are where you will begin to build 
Strong Foundations to get ready for our many Advanced classes. 

Ready to Register?
Click here to choose your class from the online schedule:

Then fill out the

Why are our beginning classes divided by age?  Because puppies change dramatically as they mature and they do best learning with dogs at a similar social and developmental level.  More than that, owner questions and concerns change as their puppy matures, so the topics covered each week change with the dogs' ages as well. 


Preschool, Kindergarten and Headstart students all progress to the Intermediate Prep as their next class.

Puppy Preschool

Schedule links below!

Level 1 - Beginning Classes: (choose by age)

  • Puppies under 4 1/2 mo - start in Preschool

  • Puppies 4 1/2 to 6 mo - start in Puppy Kindergarten

  • Older pups/adults 6 mo and older -  start in Headstart

  • All-ages Beginning also occasionally available 

  • All beginning classes move on to Intermediate.

Level 2 - Intermediate & Level 3 - Advanced 

Forms you'll need to fill out prior to attending class:

  • Registration Form - select your class, then register online. 

  • Pay by check or by credit card online.  Discount packages are available.

  • Veterinary Permission Slip - download and print.  Puppies may begin as soon as your vet gives permission.  Take it with you to your veterinarian to sign.  This must be signed to attend.  Don't wait til the last minute!

  • Student Profile - online form.  Tell us about you and your dog.

Personal Training & Behavior Consultations

One-on-one help for individual concerns

Let sleeping dogs lie.

"5 Stars!
We have taken classes with our 9 year old and 1 year old border collies the past year. Throughout our dogs lives we have done classes in many states, including behavior, agility, CGC, and fly-ball. Without a doubt, DITR offers the best of positive behavior training, dog psychology, and a mix of fun and interesting classes. We didn't stop taking classes all year because we learned something new in each one and our knowledge and the dogs just kept growing. We will miss them when we move this summer as we know from experience that this is a very special place that will be very hard to match."

- Andrea Thomas

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"We first met Carol and Dana (2003-ish) looking for a way to help our Jack Russell Terrier, Beau, feel more comfortable being around other dogs. We learned the very best way to help our sweet boy....lots of positive reinforcement that worked perfectly! Since then, Elvis has come into our building and we have taken puppy to advanced classes that has made him the awesome dog he is. So grateful for the education, fun and friends we have made at DITR!"          - M. Crane

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