Diamonds in the Ruff

Special offerings, just for puppies!

In addition to our regular puppy classes - Puppy Preschool (4 1/2 months and under) and Puppy Kindergarten (under 6 months) - we also offer additional learning and socialization opportunities to help you and your young puppy get off to a good start.

“The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life… For this reason, the AVSAB believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated… While puppies’ immune systems are still developing during these early months… appropriate care makes the risk of infection relatively small compared to the chance of death from a behavior problem.” - The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior"

Why Start Early?  Is it Safe?

Article:   "What "Socialization Is, and is Not"


Resources for new puppy owners


PRIVATE LESSONS for your family & your puppy:

My veterinarian can't sign my permission slip yet   -or-

I just need a little one-on-one help with my tiny alligator before class begins!  


Contact Travis Byrnes for private lessons in your home or at the studio

509-710-7697 or email to schedule a one-on-one in-home consult.

What concerns do you have?

  • mouthing and biting

  • building a good relationship with the kids

  • house training

  • crate training

  • learning to be alone

  • games and toys and healthy play

  • helping your current pets and new puppy establish a healthy relationship

  • basic skills to get you started before your group puppy class begins

Travis will answer all your new puppy questions and help you get off to a good start!

Puppy Supplemental
Games & Confidence Building Sessions!

For puppies 20 weeks and under who are currently enrolled in a puppy class at DITR.


Puppies and their families who are enrolled in a regular puppy class at DITR may also attend our Sunday Puppy Games & Confidence Building sessions.  If your puppy class doesn't start for a few weeks, you may begin the Games & Confidence Building Sessions right away.  Puppies under 20 weeks of age are welcome to attend as soon as their veterinarian gives the okay and signs their Vet Permission Slip. We will cover positive exposure to people, handling and novel stimuli and teach you and your family how to play great games with your new puppy and have the opportunity to talk about how to get you and your new puppy off on the right paw.  


These sessions are particularly helpful for ALL puppies, but especially:


  • Puppies who are cautious or withdrawn

  • Puppies who are over-stimulated and mouthy

  • For breeds that may need extra socialization

  • Owners with busy schedules who aren't unable to provide rich social exposure for their puppies  

  • And, of course, it’s perfect for all pet owners who want to set their puppies up to become well-adjusted adults!



What happens in our Confidence Building Sessions?


Fun with stuff!  Body awareness, nosework, hide and seek games, negotiating obstacles, and problem solviing.  We will introduce your puppy to food puzzle toys and brain games.  We will teach you and your kids how to play with your puppy by teaching games like tug, retrieve and object exchange.   Plus handling, grooming, and self control.  This is not play time with puppies, it's play time with owners and other humans in the presence of puppies.  

What to bring:


  • Your family

  • A hungry, well exercised puppy

  • Yummy high value food rewards

  • Your puppy's favorite toy (or two)

 *Most* Sunday afternoons, 4:30 to 5:15PM.  

Please check the beginning class calendar for dates as they are not held every month of the year.


4 sessions for $50 or $15 each
Four-week Puppy Class plus four Puppy Confidence sessions is $180



Sessions are rolling admission.  You may begin any time, prior to the start of your Puppy Class, as soon as your veterinarian signs your permission slip. Each week is a stand-alone topic.  You may skip a week as needed, but must complete the 4 sessions before your puppy turns 20 weeks old.   (Check the beginning schedule for dates, as sessions are held *most* Sundays, but not all.)




"I'm not sure I can do this."

"Wow, that was fun!"



Puppy Primer Lesson Package -   

Three 1/2 hour lessons at the training studio, for puppies 5 months and under

Contact Kim Imel

What is it?  A concentrated program to help get puppies and their humans off to a good start.


Who is it for?  Pups who are not cleared yet to attend a group class by their vet due to age or families who are

are registered for a future puppy class but want a little additional one-on-one help.


When does it meet?  This is a private session package, by appointment, versus a scheduled class.  It consists of three ½ hour one-on-one sessions to be completed within 3 weeks.  You will register directly with Kim Imel - email her here to register.


What is covered?  Topics of discussion and practice include socialization, house training, handling, relationship building, and some basic behaviors such as sit works, trade games, hand targeting, and come. And we'll answer specific questions you might have.


Where does it meet?  At the Diamonds in the Ruff Training Studio


What happens next?  Puppies completing this session will be ‘primed’ for their group puppy class and puppy confidence sessions


What is the cost?  It is all inclusive package – three ½-hour private sessions plus handouts/training materials for $125