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Off Site Classes

The Training Field.


Many of our advanced level classes are held outdoors in a fully-fenced training field, located just two blocks south of our training studio.  If you are registered for Summer Games, Me & My Dog or Agility for Fun classes, your class will be held in the training field.


The weather doesn't always cooperate. Dress appropriately! Many of our other advanced classes also conduct outings to the training field to practice distance recalls and leash work.


Please refer to the HOMEWORK section for class handouts or other off-site meeting locations, as well as your instructor's contact information.

Click here for a map to the training field


Parking:  Please park on Dalton Avenue, just north of the training field entrance.  Please keep your dogs off our neighbor's lawns and avoid blocking our neighbor's driveways  Note that there is a fair amount of foot traffic, bicycles and dog walkers on the street, not to mention squirrels and kitties!  Check your surroundings before letting your dog out of your vehicle and keep a tight grip on your leash.

Dress appropriately for the season.  During "bee season" bring high value rewards in a tightly sealed container - avoid hotdogs.  Bring your epi-pen if you're allergic!   A wading pool is provided during hot weather.  Bring chilled water for yourself and your dog and a folding chair if you'd like.




Classes in the Real World.  

The popular Tails & Trails classes - Hiking and Snowshoeing - meet at various trail heads around the Spokane area.  The first week orientation of these off site classes is held at the training studio on North Monroe.


Directions to meeting locations are given out at the first orientation and are listed on the homework page for each class along with your instructor's cell # in case you get lost!


You will be advised of any additional equipment that you may need for the classes.  Always bring your clicker, plenty of treats, water and a portable water bowl.

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